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In The Art of the Sea

All around town I see posters for a new film, In the Heart of the Sea. It promises star power, stud power and a really really big fish. This movie is based on a book of the same name by Nathaniel Philbrick. It recounts the tragedy of the Essex, a whaling ship that was destroyed […]

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How I Got My Groove Back

It seems as though I have a lot to say on the difficulties of getting myself to paint. One might be tempted to ask why on earth I do it if it’s so agonizing. After all, no one’s got a gun to my head. To which I reply, no, not one you can see. Despite […]

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Painting by Numbers

The Problem I hit a rough patch, painting-wise, during the dregs of winter. After spending a few months staring at the sky, I found that my practice was becoming stale. I’d amassed quite a few studies done directly from my windows (see Sky Studies), only to find that my plans of turning these into the […]

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What Turner Taught Me

When I was an art student, I did a lot of copies. One of these copies was of a Turner painting (Landscape with a River and Bay in the Distance, circa 1845.)  I’d only ever seen it in reproduction, but I fell in love with the brightness and lightness of the work, the seemingly simple […]

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My First Art Show In 15 Years!

I’m having a show. On March 24, at Poke Community Acupuncture in Vancouver. This is a big deal to me because I have been steadfastly avoiding such things since I graduated from art school in 1998. Since before that, actually. I was an early-bloomer in avoidance techniques. It’ll be a pretty casual affair, and my […]

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Finished! Finished I tell you!

I’ve been chipping away at this painting for the past two years. The work hasn’t been continuous. I tended to paint my way into a corner, abandon it for months on end, and then hear a faint whisper coming from its general direction and resume. Things finally started to move around the time I stopped […]

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